Nestled in the heart of South America, Ecuador is a country renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and diverse ecosystems. While the Galapagos Islands and the Andes Mountains often steal the spotlight, Ecuador’s jungles, also known as the Amazon Rainforest, are a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. Spanning across the eastern part of the country, this lush wilderness offers a unique opportunity to delve into the wonders of nature and experience the vibrant biodiversity that thrives within. In this article, we will take you on a journey through the jungles of Ecuador, unveiling some of the best places to visit and immerse yourself in this extraordinary ecosystem.

Yasuni National Park

Yasuni national park

Located in northeastern Ecuador, Yasuni National Park is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and a true paradise for nature enthusiasts. Boasting one of the highest concentrations of biodiversity on the planet, this pristine rainforest is home to countless species of plants, birds, mammals, and reptiles. Explore the park’s extensive network of trails, accompanied by a knowledgeable guide, to witness the remarkable wildlife, including monkeys, jaguars, giant otters, and colorful macaws. Engage in cultural exchanges with indigenous communities, such as the Waorani or Kichwa, who call this region their home.

Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve

Situated in the northern part of the Ecuadorian Amazon, the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve offers an off-the-beaten-path adventure into the heart of the jungle. Here, you can navigate the intricate network of rivers and lagoons, providing ample opportunities for wildlife encounters. Glide along the waterways in a dugout canoe, keeping an eye out for pink river dolphins, caimans, and anacondas. Take a guided night walk through the dense foliage to spot elusive nocturnal creatures and be mesmerized by the symphony of sounds that fill the air.

Cuyabeno Ecuador


The town of Tena, often referred to as the “Gateway to the Amazon,” is a vibrant hub for eco-tourism and jungle exploration. Located in the Napo Province, Tena offers an array of activities to satiate your adventurous spirit. Embark on exhilarating whitewater rafting trips along the Napo or Jatunyacu rivers, surrounded by a lush backdrop of towering trees and cascading waterfalls. Take part in canopy tours, where you can zip-line through the canopy layer, gaining a unique perspective of the rainforest’s intricate web of life.

Tena Ecuador

Puerto Misahualli

The town is surrounded by lush vegetation, dense forests, and the mighty Napo River, which is one of the main tributaries of the Amazon River. The pristine rainforest that envelops Puerto Misahuallí provides a stunning backdrop for visitors to immerse themselves in nature and experience the unique biodiversity of the Amazon. One of the highlights of Puerto Misahuallí is Monkey Island (Isla de los Monos). Located a short distance from the town, this sanctuary is home to several species of monkeys, including capuchins and squirrel monkeys. Visitors can observe these playful creatures in their natural habitat and learn about conservation efforts aimed at protecting them.

Monkeys Ecuador

Things-To-Do in Ecuadorian Jungles

When visiting the Ecuadorian jungles, there are numerous exciting activities and experiences to engage in. Here are some of the top things to do in the Ecuadorian jungles:

  1. Wildlife Watching: Immerse yourself in the incredible biodiversity of the Amazon rainforest by embarking on wildlife-watching excursions. Accompanied by expert guides, you can spot a wide array of fascinating creatures, including monkeys, sloths, toucans, parrots, caimans, colorful frogs, and even elusive jaguars. Explore the jungle trails, take river cruises, or go on night walks to maximize your chances of encountering the diverse wildlife that calls the jungles of Ecuador home.
  2. Canoeing and River Cruises: Navigate the intricate network of rivers, streams, and lagoons that snake through the Ecuadorian jungles by canoe or boat. Enjoy peaceful canoe rides along calm waterways, witnessing the lush vegetation and wildlife that thrives along the riverbanks. River cruises offer a chance to explore deeper into the jungle, providing opportunities for wildlife spotting, birdwatching, and observing the vibrant aquatic life beneath the water’s surface.
  3. Indigenous Community Visits: Ecuador’s jungles are also home to various indigenous communities, each with its distinct culture, traditions, and knowledge of the rainforest. Engage in cultural exchanges by visiting these communities and learning about their way of life. Gain insights into traditional practices, such as hunting, fishing, medicinal plant use, and handicraft production. Participate in ceremonies, listen to captivating stories, and support local artisans by purchasing their handicrafts, contributing to sustainable community-based tourism.
  4. Guided Nature Walks: Embark on guided nature walks through the dense jungles to fully appreciate the intricate ecosystem and its unique flora and fauna. Expert guides will lead you along well-marked trails, sharing their extensive knowledge about the rainforest’s plants, trees, and their medicinal properties. Learn about the fascinating adaptations of different species and discover hidden treasures like orchids, bromeliads, and giant ceiba trees. Be prepared to be immersed in the symphony of sounds, the fragrance of the forest, and the sights that unfold at every turn.
  5. Birdwatching: Ecuador is a renowned destination for birdwatching, and the jungles offer an abundance of avian species to observe. Grab your binoculars and join a birdwatching excursion to spot brilliantly colored toucans, macaws, hummingbirds, and an array of unique species that inhabit the canopy. Visit birding towers or clay licks where various bird species gather, creating an incredible spectacle of color and sound.
  6. Night Excursions: Embark on thrilling nocturnal adventures to witness the jungle come alive after dark. Guided night walks offer the opportunity to observe nocturnal creatures such as frogs, insects, snakes, and nocturnal mammals. You may encounter fascinating species that are rarely seen during the daytime, providing a unique perspective on the rainforest’s intricate and mysterious nightlife.
  7. Traditional Medicine and Plant Knowledge: Ecuador’s indigenous communities possess a wealth of knowledge about the medicinal properties of rainforest plants. Engage in educational experiences that focus on traditional medicine, where local experts will introduce you to the healing properties of various plants and demonstrate ancient healing techniques. Learn about the sustainable use of medicinal plants and gain an appreciation for the profound connection between indigenous cultures and the rainforest.
  8. Canopy Tours and Zip-lining: For an adrenaline rush and a different perspective of the jungle, try canopy tours and zip-lining. Soar through the treetops on zip lines, offering a thrilling experience and panoramic views of the surrounding rainforest. Gain a unique vantage point and witness the forest’s layers from above, marveling at its intricate tapestry of life.
Ecuador birds jungle

Before heading to the jungles:

When traveling to the Ecuadorian jungles, it’s important to take certain precautions to ensure your safety and make the most of your experience. Here are some essential precautions to keep in mind:

  1. Research and Planning:
  • Conduct thorough research about the specific region you plan to visit, including climate, local customs, and potential risks. Familiarize yourself with the local regulations and guidelines for visitors to the area.
  • Plan your itinerary in advance, including accommodation, transportation, and activities. Consider consulting with reputable travel agencies or local guides who have expertise in jungle exploration.
  1. Choose Reputable Tour Operators and Guides:
  • Select reliable tour operators and experienced guides who have proper permits and knowledge of the area. They will ensure your safety, provide valuable insights, and help you navigate the jungle effectively.
  1. Health and Vaccinations:
  • Consult with a healthcare professional or travel clinic to receive up-to-date information on recommended vaccinations for the Ecuadorian jungles. Common vaccinations include those for yellow fever, typhoid, hepatitis A and B, and tetanus.
  • Take necessary precautions against mosquito-borne diseases by using insect repellents, wearing long-sleeved clothing, and sleeping under mosquito nets, especially during evenings and nights.
  • Consider carrying a basic first aid kit with essential supplies for minor injuries or illnesses.
  1. Safety Equipment and Gear:
  • Pack appropriate clothing and gear for the jungle environment, including lightweight and breathable clothing, sturdy shoes, a hat, and rain gear. Protect yourself from the sun, insects, and potential hazards in the jungle.
  • Carry a reliable flashlight, waterproof bags, and a compass or GPS device for navigation. It’s also advisable to have a whistle for emergencies.
  1. Stay Hydrated and Consume Safe Food:
  • Drink plenty of purified water to stay hydrated in the humid jungle environment. Avoid drinking untreated water from streams or rivers unless you have proper water purification methods.
  • Consume food from reputable sources and ensure it is cooked thoroughly. Avoid eating raw or undercooked meats, as well as unpeeled fruits or vegetables that may have been washed with untreated water.
  1. Respect Wildlife and the Environment:
  • Follow responsible and ethical practices when observing wildlife. Maintain a safe distance, avoid feeding or touching animals, and never disrupt their natural behavior.
  • Respect the environment by not littering or damaging plants and trees. Follow the principles of “leave no trace” and adhere to local conservation guidelines.
  1. Be Prepared for Challenging Conditions:
  • Be mentally and physically prepared for the challenges of the jungle, including heat, humidity, rugged terrain, and potential encounters with insects, snakes, or other wildlife.
  • Inform someone about your itinerary and expected return time. It’s advisable to travel with a companion, especially in remote or less populated areas. A better choice is to book a tour with EC Adventures; we guarantee you will stay safe and entertained.
Amazon Jungles

By taking these precautions, you can enhance your safety and ensure a more enjoyable and rewarding experience while exploring the Ecuadorian jungles. Remember to stay vigilant, respect the environment and local communities, and embrace the wonders of this unique ecosystem.

The jungles of Ecuador hold a mystique and allure that captivate the adventurous souls who seek to connect with nature in its purest form. Whether you choose to venture into Yasuni National Park, explore the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve, or dive into the myriad of activities in Tena, each experience promises a unique encounter with the Amazon rainforest’s abundant wildlife and awe-inspiring landscapes. So, pack your bags, lace up your boots, and embark on an unforgettable journey to the jungles of Ecuador—where the untamed beauty of the Amazon awaits your exploration. Check our available tours for the best options!

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